How can I pay?

You can make the payment with iDEAL under the heading 'payments'. If you do not have iDEAL at your disposal, you can of course also make a bank transfer. PLEASE NOTE: the processing of these payments takes a few days. So if you pay by bank, you need to keep an eye on your payment terms.

If you have several reservations, then you need to send a separate payment for each reservation. Your payment will not be processed correctly if you enter several numbers in the description, or only your name, etc. Please always enter one fully correct reservation number.

If you have made your payment a few days before arrival, it is possible that it has not been processed yet. You may then be asked to make another payment. We recommend that you always bring a receipt and check all details again before sending the payment.

When is the credit card charged?

When paying for your order with a credit card, you can choose between VISA and Mastercard. Once your payment has been verified, we are informed that the order has been paid. The purchase amount will then be debited and charged immediately.